Dear Friend,

The number combinations in red boxes you see above are live "codes" that can pay you cash right now.

The dollar amount you see highlighted in yellow is roughly the amount you can collect instantly by punching them in.

These codes and the dollar amounts can change every few days. However, the codes you see here are "live" and active right now.

If you were to punch them in, $1,050 (maybe slightly more, maybe less – the price can change) would appear in your brokerage account immediately.

Some people who use these codes will be able to collect upwards of $15,750 from these three codes alone.

Just by punching them into their computer.

Hello. My name is Lee Lowell.

I've spent my working life in the markets as a professional trader – and I've been using this remarkable strategy for nearly two decades now.

I first started using it when I was a floor trader on the NYMEX and I needed a surefire way to cover my monthly exchange floor fees.

And I've used it ever since – as a way to generate a nice flow of cash for my family and I each and every month.

But for reasons you'll learn in a moment, there's never been a better time than right now to use this strategy...

Which is why I'm contacting you today.

This is No Joke

You see, for more than four years now I've shared similar codes with a growing number of folks... and not a single one has failed to pay out instant cash.

My first code issued on November 5, 2008 paid out $1,150 in cash.

Since then, every single one of them has paid out instant money just like we said they would – all 115 of them (and counting) – ranging from $250 to $3,000.

With over five years of history under my belt, I can vouch for the cash opportunities being between $12,292 and $18,438 every year.

You may be surprised to learn just how easy it was to claim this money.

In fact, as I'll explain in a moment, it's not really investing in the traditional sense at all.

You don't have to wait and hope for a stock, bond, or any other asset to go up in price or pay out a dividend...

These codes are part of a little-known strategy within the options market where you get paid instant cash – in exchange for your promise to buy shares of companies you choose at a much lower price...

But only if they happen to fall to a certain level within a certain timeframe.

But as you'll see in this letter, my aim is to pick codes where you never have to buy the stock, ever.

And in the 65 months I've been sending out codes we never have...

So all you have to do is enter the codes I send you...

And the money shows up directly in your trading account...

Within seconds!

Money that's yours to keep forever!

Like when codes DS0120 and MK0120 paid out $700 a few weeks back...

Or like the $2,475 code RM1230 gave us back in May...

Or the $3,315 we collected from seven codes in November alone!

This is money that could have been deposited into your trading account immediately after entering these codes – money that's yours to spend any way you choose.

Is it the kind of money that will let you quit your job tomorrow and buy a big mansion on a hill? Likely not.

At least not right away...

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Inside Instant Money Trader

Author: Lee Lowell

Lee Lowell is the editor of The Instant Money Trader for WSD Insider. One of America's leading options professionals, Lee spent six years in the options "trenches" as a market maker on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in New York City. Lee is the author of the popular book Get Rich with Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight From The Exchange Floor and has written numerous articles for several financial publications such as Futures magazine and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. Learn More


"Yours is the first research service to actually deliver what it promises. I have been in the market for over 20 years and this method is the most consistent I have seen."

  - Chad L.