Dear reader,

Just ask any of Lee Lowell’s subscribers, and they’ll tell you that losing is a rare event.

Lee has hit on 118 out of 125 recommendations over the last six years (for a 94.4% win rate).

Those who’ve been with Lee from the beginning?

Well, they’ve had the opportunity to collect upwards of $92,000, which works out to between $12,292 and $18,438 every year.

Although Lee closed his latest winning code on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 – giving readers a chance to pocket a quick $400 – his three latest codes are worth roughly $1,050.

Just punch the codes into your computer and they’ll trigger an instant cash deposit within seconds.

In a day or two (when the cash settles), your broker can wire you the money.


Just ask David Olsen, who’s been getting Lee’s codes sent to him since September of 2009.

He was nice enough to email the following note…

“This is the best winning strategy that I have found in my 25 years of searching for great investment strategies. With 100% winners – awesome!! Wishing for your good health and safety.”

Or this one from Jeff Levie, who’s a bigshot VP at a major global brewery…

“It was another great year. I made $22,219 following your recommendations. It also gave me the confidence to make some trades on my own. This is the best investment research I get from anyone in terms of accuracy and safety. Thanks again.”

Chad Lauer said…

“Yours is the first research service to actually deliver what it promises. I have been in the market for over 20 years and this method is the most consistent I have seen.”

Peter Ganley was very direct with his comments…

“Hi Lee. First let me say that yours is the best research service I have ever subscribed to. I’ve had a pretty good first year – almost $41,000 in net cash received…”

And this one from Richard Stallings…

“Made $17,987.04 from your recommendations. This paid for my property taxes, plus your subscriber fees and a nice down payment towards a desperately needed new car. I couldn’t be happier!”


Things are not the way they were when Lee recommended his first cash code in 2008.

Yet the codes haven’t become any less relevant.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Lee’s codes may well have been ahead of their time.

They paid countless thousands of dollars straight through the financial crisis…

Straight through the U.S. debt downgrade…

Straight through the collapse of Greece…

Straight through the fall of the euro…

Straight through the slowdown in China…

The codes never wavered… never flinched… never failed to generate income.

In fact, during times of turmoil, Lee’s codes actually INCREASE in value.

For example, as I write, the market resides in record-setting territory.

Under this prevailing investment climate, Lee’s codes are individually worth roughly $650 in your account.

But what if, say… China called the United States’ debt?

Well, the ensuing chaos would likely drive the value of that same code to over $1,250 in your account.

It’s safe (94.4% win rate).

It’s virtually impossible to screw up.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3…

You may be surprised to learn just how easy it was to claim this money, too.

1.) Just punch Lee’s latest “cash codes” into your computer…

2.) Let the cash settle in your account (it takes a day or two)…

3.) Ask your broker to wire you the funds (or accumulate it).

The money shows up right away; it’s really quite amazing.

Will it make you rich overnight? No…

But it’s a nice way to generate a ton of extra income, month after month.

I’m Robert Williams, the Founder and Publisher of Wall Street Daily.

Anyone who knows me will vouch for my no-nonsense approach to making money, and that I never stand for bullsh!t.

But with Lee’s impeccable track record of success, I can say the following with 100% confidence…

If you punch Lee’s three latest codes into your computer, and execute the other simple basics of his strategy just as suggested in the email alerts…

You’ll have anywhere from $850 to $1,250 in your account by this time tomorrow.

As former lead analyst for a $9 billion company and someone viewed as an authority in finance, readers typically enjoy when I share my opinions about the merits of certain research. So here goes…

Fact: Lee Lowell recommends three “cash codes” every month.

Opinion: The biggest complaint from readers is that they want more codes.

Fact: The typical code is worth about $650.

Opinion: No one ever complains when a code is worth less.

Fact: Once you punch the codes into your computer, they trigger a cash deposit.

Opinion: Everyone always remembers their first code.

Fact: The cash deposit happens instantaneously.

Opinion: It has never taken me longer than a minute.

Fact: You never have to pay the money back.

Opinion: In order to function efficiently, the market needs people willing to accumulate cash in their accounts. It's brilliant, actually.

Fact: It takes two days for the cash to settle in your account.

Opinion: Two days is the industry standard.

Fact: After the cash settles, your broker can wire you the funds.

Opinion: Lee recommends growing your cash balance, instead of withdrawing it.

Fact: Lee has recommended over 125 codes, and every single one has hit for cash.

Opinion: I threw a huge party when Lee hit his 100th consecutive code. I better start planning the next party.

Fact: Lee just released his latest codes worth roughly $1,050.

Opinion: The cash can be in your account by sundown, tomorrow.


Let’s start by causing you to notice that Lee’s codes have arrived in your life right at the perfect time.

While you might not appreciate that now… when you’re deeply embedded in the experience Lee has in store for you, you will know it absolutely.

I say that based upon my own personal experience.

Lee and I first met in 2007.

By 2008, he was working for me at Wall Street Daily, as the team’s income superstar.

Upon meeting Lee, my personal investment strategy underwent a radical shift.

As I told you earlier, nobody EVER forgets their first big score, and I’m no exception.

In fact, I’m more than happy to publish my breakthrough cash code below…

Ultimately, I crafted a strategy based on Lee’s ingenious codes that perfectly suited my risk profile.

My confidence grew with every winning code.

Below are two additional examples of my 15 winning codes from the summer/fall of 2007, which came shortly after meeting Lee.



I’ve had my staff arrange everything for you.

Here’s what I’ve done…

Waiting for your approval Lee Lowell will send you an email with every detail to collect your first round of cash. Based on six years of history, the amount will be roughly $1,050.

Waiting for your approval I have representatives waiting for your call, should you have any questions concerning the merits of this powerful strategy.

Waiting for your approval You have six years of history on your side. Lee’s codes have never failed to pay out cash in their six-year history. So collecting the latest $1,050 is just “business as usual.”

Waiting for your approval You get the most ambitious guarantee in the financial publishing industry… one that demands Lee’s performance.

And here it is…


Here’s how my guarantee works…

Sign up for a one-year subscription to Lee Lowell’s Instant Money Trader research service at the $850 price.

Then, if Lee fails to deliver an opportunity to collect at least $850 in instant cash through his Instant Money Trader recommendations over the next 60 days, I’ll return your $850 subscription fee back.

You’ll even continue to receive Lee’s alerts – at no charge – for the entire year.

I don’t want a single person to assume any undue risk in this economy.

My impeccable money-back guarantee should speak to the confidence I have in Lee and his cash codes research.

Better still, by entering today’s live codes, you can recover your subscription cost… plus an extra $200 or so – instantly!)

To recap, here’s what you get when you sign up…

  • You get Lee’s INSTANT MONEY TRADER PRIMER, which explains in layman’s terms how this amazingly simple (yet highly profitable) strategy works, and how you can use it to generate a lifetime of income for anything you want: day-to-day spending, a lifetime of travel, your child’s education, or your own retirement.

  • Lee will rush you one of his INSTANT MONEY TRADER ALERTS whenever he uncovers a code where you can collect instant cash. He’ll also include complete instructions for pocketing the cash in under a minute. (Check your email often, as these alerts can hit your inbox any time!)

  • You get Lee’s WEEKLY MARKET UPDATES, alerting you to the situations he’s tracking, and what you can expect in regards to new Instant Money Trader opportunities. Plus, once or twice a month he’ll answer subscribers’ most pressing questions. (You’re free to write Lee anytime you want!)

  • You get my unequivocal NO-NONSENSE GUARANTEE, where either Lee’s cash codes give you the opportunity to fund your subscription or I "pay" you. (Plus the regular 60-day money-back-if-you’re-not-thrilled guarantee.)

  • You’ll have access to Lee’s INSTANT MONEY TRADER WEBSITE, where all of the research and tutorials are archived.


Since launching Wall Street Daily seven years ago, I’ve never met anyone who gets more praise and adulation than Lee.

Rosanne Weber, wrote Lee a few months into her subscription and said…

“I recently joined the ‘Instant Money Trader’ and the results have been superb! I called my broker today and found that over $6,000 has been deposited into my account in less than a month. It brought me so much joy it made me speechless. This strategy is so powerful; I would recommend it to anyone.”

Steven Le Batard wrote about eight months into his subscription…

“I collected just under $10,000 today. Lee, you are a miracle worker. Hooked up with you in September 2009 and I am about $60,000 richer as a result.”

But Barry Morris from South Carolina, who Lee met while attending an investment conference, wins the code-punching award for biggest documented gains.

He used Lee’s strategy to collect an astonishing $166,000 over a three-year period for an average of $4,611 per month.

And remember, he NEVER had to pay the money back.

Now it’s your turn.

You risk nothing – not a single cent – in joining today.


“It was another great year. I made $22,219 following your recommendations. It also gave me the confidence to make some trades on my own. This is the best investment research I get from anyone in terms of accuracy and safety. Thanks again.”

  - Jeff H.

“Yours is the first research service to actually deliver what it promises. I have been in the market for over 20 years and this method is the most consistent I have seen.”

  - Chad H.